The Era of the Empath: Is it the End of the Poker Face?

“What happens when technology knows more about us than we do?”- Poppy Crum (Chief Neurophysiologist, Dolby Laboratories)

A lot of people bury their emotions, consistently hiding behind a poker face. However, the means to hide emotions is becoming “a thing of the past”. A computer can now detect our slimmest facial expression. They have the ability to differentiate between a real smile and a fake one. With time, our technology has become astonishingly brilliant. Aided by artificial intelligence, it already knows a lot about our internal state. Technology can tell us what is happening to us on the inside, things that even we don’t know about.

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How video games turn players into storytellers?

As we mention the word ‘art’, a number of things might pop up in our minds like books, movies, music, paintings etc. However, one common thing in these art forms is that, all of them are based on a background story. Assuredly, stories have been an integral part of our society and culture since traditional times. Be it any form of art, like news media, film, and architecture, there will always be an influence of a story behind it.

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How Working in a ‘Coffice’ Makes Us More Productive

The days of the predominant office are slowly fading away, where each worker has an assigned desk and works 9-5 from Monday to Saturday. The work culture has moved on from full-time jobs to part-time and freelancing aspects. We live in a time where the concept of co-working spaces, progressive work environment and open plan office spaces are trending. However, the working environment has altered climatically in the last few years, allowing us to work from almost anywhere with a plug socket and a fixed wi-fi connection. This has worked in the advantage of startups, freelancers and part-time workers, who often can’t afford their own office space or prefer to work in a more flexible environment.

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How can Content Marketing Improve B2B Product Sales

The concept of marketing has changed over the years. It surely still aims to deal with customers, but not just through a sales person, who has complete knowledge about your product. There are now a number of other ways, developed by the companies to reach the customer and sell their products and services. One of them is to be found easily by the buyer or customer, with its target audience being either B2B or B2C. In the world of digital advancement, the best way to be found is through Google. The content available on the internet can effortlessly convince the customer to buy your product even before you connect with them directly. This is exactly how content marketing takes place. Besides that, creating useful content will always help your business grow in the long run.

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How Technology is a boon for the Younger Generation

For kids who are born in today’s era, world is a place where everything runs on technology. From internet connection and smart phones to different social media platforms, everything is our lives is now technologically advanced. As kids grow up, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. become their most favoured companions. As a result, most people have convinced themselves that technology has a negative effect on young minds and is pushing them away from their acquaintances. However, they fail to notice the other side of the coin, that is, how technology has helped people stay connected. It holds their long-term and long-distance friendships together by keeping them in touch online even when acquaintances no longer physically meet.

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