A day job can guarantee money but not happiness. Agree or not..

Your regular day job maybe generating paychecks for you but is that really what you want to do? I am sure that you have asked this question several times to yourselves and have felt struck in your life.

Yes it’s true that almost every person today is not doing what he really loves to because following their passion requires patience, dedication, and loyalty for a long-term. While the most significant opportunity cost is the regular decent paying secure job that has to be forgone in order to follow one’s passion.

Hence a person definitely have to be a risk-taker and should be ready to lose all he has got in order to gain all he can have otherwise. A famous quote by Denis Waitley says,Chase your passion, not your pension.”

You lack motive and a clear vision if every morning you are doing some work that you don’t care about. People working 8 to 5 only for money are simply killing their valuable hours without they even realising it. Some of them make work their whole life and forget that other relationships holds equal relevance in life. If you are not passionate about the work you are doing, you ain’t growing and doing any good to either yourself or anyone around you. Your passion in life will determine how far you aim to reach.

You will anyway spend majority of your life working and building a career so why not follow your passion and do what you love instead. When you do so you will instantaneously find a purpose to life. That would be the best gift anyone can give to themselves i.e., meaning to one’s own life.

For those who believe that it is too late for them to follow their passion or start again from where they left is this beautiful advice from Oprah Winfrey“It’s never too late to achieve [what] you believe. . . . It’s never too late to have a wake-up call. All life is about growing to be who you are most meant to be, the best version of yourself, and that even if it takes a disaster in your life, there’s always time until you take your last breath to recognize that you have the power.”

Let’s see what each money and happiness will give you:

   Money will give you…       Happiness will give you…
  • Short lived satisfaction
  • Fulfill materialistic wants
  • Long lived satisfaction
  • Valuing other significant small things

Now it’s up to you what you choose. Do share your views and leave us a comment below.

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