How to Use Micro Influencer Marketing to Get New Customers

Driving your brand’s message in a huge market, inspiring a large group of people, with the help of key leaders is referred to as influencer marketing. The good thing about influencer marketing is that it revolves around social media and content marketing which are the key trends of today’s era. If we talk about social media, it is one of the best platforms for marketing a brand or product because it is through social media that the world stays well connected. It is like the digital form of word of mouth. Promoting a business campaign via social media like Instagram, Facebook etc. will help the brands market their products through influencers’ personal accounts, making their followers notably more interested in the products they prefer using.

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How Progress Bars Help Users to Stay Sane

How Progress Bars Help Users to Stay Sane

One thing undeniable about human behavior is the constant need for validation. Having support for our actions is like a green signal to go ahead with what we’re doing. That’s exactly what progress bars do for us – giving us an indication of where we stand in what we’re doing. Before taking this thought any further, let’s understand what exactly a progress bar means and how it helps the users.

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How Algorithms Shape our World


In simple terms, an algorithm is a set of instructions formulated to perform a specific task. The task of an algorithm can be as simple as adding two numbers or it can be something as complex as merging two software together. Undoubtedly, algorithms have the potential more than any human can ever have.   Earlier, it was only humans and nature that were shaping the world, but now it’s the algorithm that has taken the lead. However, before we state any facts, let’s find out how exactly do these algorithms work and what makes them substantial enough to be able to reshape the world.

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How is Cloud Migration a Boon to the Business

What could be worse than losing all your important data that you’ve been working on from a very long time, and that too only because of your device’s poor backup strategy. If such a thing happens, it is undoubtedly very difficult for you to retrieve all the data. Also, in the process of trying to recover that data if even a single thing goes wrong, everything your business needs could probably change or completely be wiped off. A simple solution to keep your business away from such big risks is cloud migration – something that guarantees the safety of all your data.

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What are payment gateways? How do they work?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application that enables payments for modern retail and several types of sales by transferring information between payment portals.  It is a wise and an efficient replacement to cash transactions. The benefit of this virtual paying method is that the sensitive information is encrypted. For example, credit or debit card number, pin code, etc. This ensures safe as well as easy exchange of information between the customers and the merchant. Through this, the customers and vendors stay connected to each other as well as their respective banks.

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How video games turn players into storytellers?

As we mention the word ‘art’, a number of things might pop up in our minds like books, movies, music, paintings etc. However, one common thing in these art forms is that, all of them are based on a background story. Assuredly, stories have been an integral part of our society and culture since traditional times. Be it any form of art, like news media, film, and architecture, there will always be an influence of a story behind it.

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How can Content Marketing Improve B2B Product Sales

The concept of marketing has changed over the years. It surely still aims to deal with customers, but not just through a sales person, who has complete knowledge about your product. There are now a number of other ways, developed by the companies to reach the customer and sell their products and services. One of them is to be found easily by the buyer or customer, with its target audience being either B2B or B2C. In the world of digital advancement, the best way to be found is through Google. The content available on the internet can effortlessly convince the customer to buy your product even before you connect with them directly. This is exactly how content marketing takes place. Besides that, creating useful content will always help your business grow in the long run.

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How Technology is a boon for the Younger Generation

For kids who are born in today’s era, world is a place where everything runs on technology. From internet connection and smart phones to different social media platforms, everything is our lives is now technologically advanced. As kids grow up, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. become their most favoured companions. As a result, most people have convinced themselves that technology has a negative effect on young minds and is pushing them away from their acquaintances. However, they fail to notice the other side of the coin, that is, how technology has helped people stay connected. It holds their long-term and long-distance friendships together by keeping them in touch online even when acquaintances no longer physically meet.

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How digital currency might help save the world.

With changing times, our economy is moving towards digitalisation at a fast pace. Paperless money transfer has become the most promising addition in the payment sector. This intangible method of transfer exists only in electronic form and takes place with the help of technology like the internet, computers or smartphones.

One of the most prominent form of digital currency is cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit. Also, the currency is not owned by the bank, thus the government has no role to play in your transitions, neither can it take the money away from you.

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