Reasons why SEO will give you the best leads in 2019

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free” or “organic” search results on search engines. Its main purpose is to bring the company’s website to the front page, and preferably become the first link. Page Rank depends on SEO; therefore, the company should focus on articles with relative content and proper keyword density.

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How Simulation Game play Might Help Build Better Cities

People love cities.

Humans are slowly, but steadily, becoming an urban species. Therefore, cities have now become their natural habitat. In 2014, over 54 percent of the world population was living in cities. City life is amazing and gives everyone much satisfaction and a little discomfort. However, so many of these people wonder, once in a while, of how they would do things differently if only had the tools to change things in their cities. What would their dream city be like?

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Growing a Brick and Mortar Business in the Digital Age

Mortar Business in the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, retail stores, restaurants and other service based businesses like salons, spas, clinics etc. are facing an unprecedented challenge of trying to grow their business. While many brick-and-mortar businesses develop strong personal relationships with regular customers, most of them struggle to gain traction on social media. One of the reasons of not being able to gain much attention online organically is due to giant online retailers like Amazon, EBay, Alibaba, etc. Having a social media presence is an important part of growing your business today. Therefore all small, local business owners should be as concerned with their online profiles as e-commerce businesses.

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How to turn your team into social media advocates

The online marketing world keeps taking leaps and turns. And if you have spent any time in marketing your brand on social media, then you are well aware of how difficult it is to reach your audience without paying for it, especially on social media giants like Facebook. That is why many companies turn to their employees to share and promote company based information on their personal profiles such as Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.  The challenges arise in finding how you encourage them as an employer.

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Why is it essential to bridge the ‘anxiety gap’ at work?

We’ve all had moments where we doubt our presence in a workplace. A lot of times, it can be a social gathering at work, where a few awkward faux pas can lead you to believe that your co-workers don’t want you there. Such out-of-the-place feelings can give you unwanted anxiety and stress. And with every incident like this, your anxiety starts climbing the stairs of your mental state, crippling it slowly.

Imagine feeling like this every day, even during your regular workday; feeling alienated, as if nobody wanted you around. Imagine your 9-5 job turning into your worst nightmare.

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The 5G Network – A Revolution in Communication

How we communicate has changed drastically over the past 100 years. Communication systems like the internet and telephones were invented, changing our modes of communication rapidly. However, out of all the revolutionary changes and invention, cell phone trumps over all the others.

Haruki Murakami once said, ‘Cell phones are so convenient that they’re an inconvenience.’

We use our phones from making calls to instant access to text messages, emails, social media, games and practically everything else that we could want.

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The Era of the Empath: Is it the End of the Poker Face?

“What happens when technology knows more about us than we do?”- Poppy Crum (Chief Neurophysiologist, Dolby Laboratories)

A lot of people bury their emotions, consistently hiding behind a poker face. However, the means to hide emotions is becoming “a thing of the past”. A computer can now detect our slimmest facial expression. They have the ability to differentiate between a real smile and a fake one. With time, our technology has become astonishingly brilliant. Aided by artificial intelligence, it already knows a lot about our internal state. Technology can tell us what is happening to us on the inside, things that even we don’t know about.

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How Working in a ‘Coffice’ Makes Us More Productive

The days of the predominant office are slowly fading away, where each worker has an assigned desk and works 9-5 from Monday to Saturday. The work culture has moved on from full-time jobs to part-time and freelancing aspects. We live in a time where the concept of co-working spaces, progressive work environment and open plan office spaces are trending. However, the working environment has altered climatically in the last few years, allowing us to work from almost anywhere with a plug socket and a fixed wi-fi connection. This has worked in the advantage of startups, freelancers and part-time workers, who often can’t afford their own office space or prefer to work in a more flexible environment.

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Blogging for startups- Ideas for creating awesome content online

We are in an age where startups are exploding everywhere like never before. Motivated entrepreneurs with enthusiastic ideas are aiming for domination of the market. Every startup is working on a secret recipe to make their content go viral. Every content creator’s dream is to become the next hit thing online. But how do you get your content to be passed from screen to screen? What exactly is the key to making your content go viral?

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How to become a successful Social Media Influencer in 2019

In the era of ‘hashtags’ and ‘worldwide trends’, many millennials and post millennials are striving to surpass their current online social grade. Whether it’s reviewing top games or critiquing makeup, there are numerous influencers online trying to carve a mark on this colossal space. Furthermore, if you’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ve probably wondered how to become a social media influencer.

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