Blogging for startups- Ideas for creating awesome content online

We are in an age where startups are exploding everywhere like never before. Motivated entrepreneurs with enthusiastic ideas are aiming for domination of the market. Every startup is working on a secret recipe to make their content go viral. Every content creator’s dream is to become the next hit thing online. But how do you get your content to be passed from screen to screen? What exactly is the key to making your content go viral?

Imagine surfing a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. Think of the type of posts that will grab your attention and make you share, like or comment on them. When talking about the genre of viral content, the lines are blurry. Most of the content that goes viral online seems to be humorous, emotional, trendy, informative or inspiring, and people share such posts for different reasons.

Honestly, you just need to examine your preferences and social media sharing pattern. This analysis will help you create content that is worth a reader’s time.

Here are a few tips and tricks for startups to make their content worth reading:-

  • Multi-platform Content: It is important that, as a startup, you create content that can be used on multiple platforms. Australia’s Metro Trains campaign, ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, is one of the best examples of creative multi-platform content. What started as a video campaign spawned into a viral franchise of games, graphics etc. Similarly, when writing content, it’s best to utilise it in multiple ways. For example, use your blog’s excerpt to answer a relevant question on Quora, and link your blog on the answer. The more views your answer gets, the more views your blog may get, giving it the chance to go viral. Creative execution of content through various platforms is one of the best ways to grab the eye of a netizen.
  • Originality and quality of content: Write things that are authentic and fresh. If you devise the same content over and over again, no one will like it. In fact, Google’s algorithm will seek out badly written and repetitive content, and scrap it from its searches. However, content is only good as long as it can make your customers understand the essence of your product or service. Try and relate your product or service with what’s in trend. Answer and ask questions, stir the reader’s cognitive through your written words. Candid content enables you to maximise likes, comments and shares by users.

  • Interactive content with graphics and videos: There are various types of readers online. While some can breeze through a 500 word article without blinking, some require visually attractive aspects to keep them glued to the piece. By incorporating graphics and videos related to your written piece, you will be engaging the reader. No one wants to read paragraphs of texts unless it’s a novel. However, only add images that are relevant to your content.
  • Regularly update your blog:  When writing a blog, it is very important to update regularly with fresh content. It is never a good idea to publish in bulk and then abandon your work, hoping that you’ll gain readers. In fact, search engines don’t favour sites that are not regularly updated. So, it is best to try and publish on your site at least twice in a week with great content.
  • Promote your content shamelessly: When it comes to blogs, you need to understand that content doesn’t go viral miraculously. Share your own content first for it to gain any kind of attention. Share your work on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, retweet on Twitter, pin it on Pinterest and hashtag the hell out of it. Maybe in some time, someone will stumble into one of those hashtags and discover your work.


Writing remarkable content and finding the key to unlock the door to virtual virality is not an easy job. However, the best thing about online content is that it is eternal. You may write something today but it might circle back into viewership two years later. By employing such tactics, you may be able to increase traffic on your blog. Nevertheless, it is always important to write original and good content.

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