How digital currency might help save the world.

With changing times, our economy is moving towards digitalisation at a fast pace. Paperless money transfer has become the most promising addition in the payment sector. This intangible method of transfer exists only in electronic form and takes place with the help of technology like the internet, computers or smartphones.

One of the most prominent form of digital currency is cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit. Also, the currency is not owned by the bank, thus the government has no role to play in your transitions, neither can it take the money away from you.

Over the years, cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity, as people get attracted to such investments because they want to earn more profits in less time. Ethereum, another form of cryptocurrency that has helped people gain a lot of profit in the past few years. It has created a platform for the complex contracts to run on the network, as there is no third parties interference in most cases.

Other than this, there are a number of benefits associated with cryptocurrency and any other digital currencies, some of which are listed below:

Safety from fraudulent activities: The foremost thing about owning cryptocurrency is that, when it is generated, its owner’s identity is encrypted to ensure the legality of record keeping. Only the public address of the investor is visible and the personal information remains hidden. The ledger makes sure that all the digital money transferred in the transaction is owned by the spender. This particular technology, also known as blockchain, ensures that the transaction cannot be hacked and the digital wallets can calculate an accurate balance.

Beneficial for suppliers: The concept of cryptocurrency is beneficial from suppliers’ point of view as the buyers cannot claim the amount back after the purchase has been made. Therefore, the suppliers or the sellers can easily ship the product without any problem or worry of recovery.

Universally Recognised: One good thing about cryptocurrency is that it is not bound by the exchange rates, interest rates, or other charges of any country. Therefore it can be used internationally without undergoing problems. This not only saves a lot of time for big businesses but also makes transactions quite easy.  

Effect on loan Market: The market of loans and investment are also hugely affected due to virtual currency. Without a mechanism for increasing the money supply, interest on loans and returns on investments may change to reflect the value of money which will serve positively both for the investor as well as the business or enterprise.

Import/ Export: Digital currency is an easy pathway to take import export to a whole new level. Mostly because it does not have to be converted from one form to another across national borders. This may have a positive effect on countries with limited exports or countries that do not have much influence on pricing for the products they sell outside national borders.

Portable form of money: With cryptocurrency or any form of digital currency, one can easily carry a large amount of money in a small memory card, thus making it portable, convenient and easy to transfer.

Digital currency is one of the best ways to move towards a cashless economy in a very short time with a bundle of benefits to offer. To do so, all you need is a smart device, an internet connection, and instantly you become your own bank making payments and doing money transfers.

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