How Technology is a boon for the Younger Generation

For kids who are born in today’s era, world is a place where everything runs on technology. From internet connection and smart phones to different social media platforms, everything is our lives is now technologically advanced. As kids grow up, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. become their most favoured companions. As a result, most people have convinced themselves that technology has a negative effect on young minds and is pushing them away from their acquaintances. However, they fail to notice the other side of the coin, that is, how technology has helped people stay connected. It holds their long-term and long-distance friendships together by keeping them in touch online even when acquaintances no longer physically meet.

Before we move any further to discuss the benefits of technology for our young generation, we would like to make you familiar with the term ‘social capital’. This term has become very popular these days. It means helping people with their psychological and physical isolation by helping them build strong bonds on social media.

It’s no secret that the stress monster becomes our companion at a very young age. As we grow up, we begin to realise how hard being an adult is. However, being able to make connections on social media gives teenagers a platform to voice their own thoughts and listen to what others have to say about it.  Many researches have shown that social connections actually make young people more relationship-oriented, considerate, and empathic. Also, teenagers who are more active on social-networking sites display more virtual empathy – they’re more likely to express support and encouragement. An example of the same could be the most trending ‘#metoo’ concept. It is only through social media that youngsters as well as adults have been able to showcase what they have been through. This has also helped them become a strong support for each other.

Read on to find out how kids are growing into knowledgeable teenagers with the help of technology:

  • Access to useful information:  The education system has always been dominated by the use of blackboards and chalk. However, the replacement of the same with smart classes has not only made the system more interesting, but has also helped kids to learn at their own pace and in an easier manner. As the internet is full of information, an easy access to the same will only help the kids get smarter. All the while, providing them with more information and keeping them aware of extra facts. It also develops their political and social awareness by keeping up to date with current affairs and insightful documentaries.

  • Reading, writing and creative-thinking skills: The one most important benefit of technology for children is that they don’t need to be self-conscious while asking their doubts as all they have to do is type on Google and find solution to their problems. It can easily be made possible through various platforms like chat rooms, blogs, news articles as well as educational videos and feed backs from other people. It also allows teens to create and share their own videos, pictures and other content in a creative, innovative and inspiring way.
  • Cultural views and diversity: It’s vital for teens to be aware of what is going on around the globe and become socially aware. Social media gives them a chance to explore such things. They may develop a keen interest for different cultures of the world and being able to visually or verbally experience it, helps them know more about people, places, their ideas and cultures, they couldn’t see or connect with otherwise. It’s also a good way to expose your teen to diversity.
  • Video games can develop complex and necessary skills:  It is scientifically proven through a number of researches that frequent players have sharper vision and faster reaction times and that they’re better at multitasking and less easily distracted. Thus, there is no need to worry if a youngster prefers playing video games and watching videos over reading books. In fact, a balanced approach can provide more benefits.

With all the above perks of technology, we’re sure that dealing with a few cons would not be a problem. Neither for teens nor their grown up parents.

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