How to become a successful Social Media Influencer in 2019

In the era of ‘hashtags’ and ‘worldwide trends’, many millennials and post millennials are striving to surpass their current online social grade. Whether it’s reviewing top games or critiquing makeup, there are numerous influencers online trying to carve a mark on this colossal space. Furthermore, if you’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ve probably wondered how to become a social media influencer.

How to build your ‘influence’ online?

It’s not a surprising thought if you wish to become a social media influencer. They’re often well compensated, enjoy a ton of lifestyle perks, and may even have a lasting and positive impact on the world.

Whether you’re a fashionista, a hobbyist, or just willing to connect with people within your community, adopting certain strategies to become a social media influencer will help you accomplish your goals more quickly.

  • Find your Discipline: Find the topics you want to talk about, or display content about. The more specific and refined it is, the less competition it has.  But do not be too scared to experiment, or you might end up tweeting yourself into a corner of obviousness. Choosing a topic that you like is very important. It could be a hobby, or something you have professional skills for. Do not choose a topic that will bore you easily. Select a discipline you love and get obsessed with.
  • Choose a Social Networking Channel: To start with, choose a social media platform that suits your skills best. If you are good at producing video content, then opt for Youtube. But if you are better at photographic content, then go for Instagram. Always start with one platform, then as your audience grows, experiment and expand to other platforms.
  • Make a Game Plan: Once you are acquainted with the subject and the platform you’ll be using, make a plan. Plan out how you wish to post your content. Ask yourself questions like what kind language you want to use? What is the audience curious about in your field? Or what’s your message? You need to schedule how you will produce, edit and publish your content in advance, then start posting online.


  • Publish Regular but Quality Content: The 2019 scenario of social media is a fast paced reality. The best way to achieve any success is to post quality and engaging content regularly. If you publish the same old information online, then it’s of no use for your audience. At the same time, if you publish good but slow content, your audience will lose interest.
  • Get Social: Opportunities to interact with fellow industry experts, influencers and audience should never be avoided. Get active on online forums. Approach other influencers and brands to collaborate. Comment, like and share fellow influencers and companies’ content, to bring yourself into the spotlight.
  • Build Your Community: Use tools like ‘Instagram Live’ and ‘Facebook Live’ to interact with your audience. At the end of your content, ask your audience if they have any queries. Answer those queries in your next post. Always remember, a community heard is a community that feels loved.
  • Keep up with the Trends: As a social media influencer, it is very important to keep track of the trends. Understand aspects like SEO, worldwide trends and hashtags. A basic idea of how digital marketing works will help you boost your content online.

On social media, the power to decide your fate is in the online community’s hand. The best you can do is to provide quality content and make sure you’re engaging with your audience. Don’t be shy. Your online presence becomes even more beckoning if you branch out to promote yourself.

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