How Working in a ‘Coffice’ Makes Us More Productive

The days of the predominant office are slowly fading away, where each worker has an assigned desk and works 9-5 from Monday to Saturday. The work culture has moved on from full-time jobs to part-time and freelancing aspects. We live in a time where the concept of co-working spaces, progressive work environment and open plan office spaces are trending. However, the working environment has altered climatically in the last few years, allowing us to work from almost anywhere with a plug socket and a fixed wi-fi connection. This has worked in the advantage of startups, freelancers and part-time workers, who often can’t afford their own office space or prefer to work in a more flexible environment.

The prices of office spaces are skyrocketing, therefore startups find it difficult to afford a work space for a few employees. When working in an office full of people, it is easy to get distracted by chattering co-workers, frequent meetings and latest workplace drama. Sometimes, finding time to get work done becomes a challenge. On the other hand, freelancers and part-timers find it nearly impossible to work from the comforts of their disruptive house domain. And this is where the ‘coffice’ becomes a practical alternative.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a coffice is ‘a combination of a coffee shop and an office, where people perform non-coffee shop work’. It provides a flexible, friendly space that makes a great working refuge for many people. The option to choose a comfortable table and settle into it to get some work done while snacking on pastries and sipping a latte, is a socially relevant and tempting idea for the digital nomad. Coffices help people break the monotony of a regular office space or their own homes.  

Here are a few reasons as to why coffices make us more productive:

  1. Stimulates Creativity and Productivity: Even the most fantastic office or home space can fall into a routine, making them seem dreary and exhausting. Conformity conflicting with creativity can quickly bring your moral down. However, changing the environment, even if it’s just for a day, can spark artistry in a professional, and in turn, make them more productive than usual. Studies prove that the pleasant, ambient noises of a bustling cafe improve productivity in people.
  2. Fewer Distractions: Though it may sound counterproductive, the humming environment of a coffee shop can be better than the pin drop silence of an office where people may get interrupted by co-workers for a random chat or gossip. Interruption during work can hinder the production cycle of a person. However, the anonymity of a coffee place environment, combined with the regular buzz, not only keeps a person vibrating with energy but will also provide the opportunity of human contact, on one’s terms.
  3. Helps Us Meet New People: Part-timers and freelancers working from a coffice have the open opportunity to interact with a bunch of people, whether it’s a fellow cafe visitor or the staff of the cafe. Meeting new people, talking to them and exchanging ideas keeps a person’s mind stimulated. The ‘once in a while’ interaction between a few creative minds can help a professional gain new perspective on situations, maybe a few new collaborators, all the while encouraging new ideas.  
  4. Good Coffee Always Inspires: Sometimes, all we need is some good food or a good cup of joe to make our mental machinery run. Studies have shown that caffeine improves mental performance. While cooking at home or getting food delivered at the office is always an option, nothing beats the brilliance of a freshly made cup of coffee or tea, which one doesn’t even have to get up to prepare.
  5. Provides Structure to One’s Life: It is imperative that working individuals, especially freelancers and part-timers, establish a habitual routine for their working hours. Instead of secluding themselves in their homes to finish their work, it is essential that a person creates the daily cycle of waking up and getting dressed to go out for work. Working at home can sometimes result in the lingering black hole of solitude which leads to procrastination. Going out to work at a coffice at a set time each day, and coming back home at a set time, gives the individual a working day type structure. In this way, they can put a subtle barrier between their work space and home, creating a sublime balance in life.

Office spaces are continually improving themselves to accommodate the needs of their employees. However, in the modern work scenario, spaces like coffices can help enhance the productivity of individuals and widen their scope of growth.

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