Recoup the long lost Health & Fitness regime in your busy life

With the world going above and beyond, there is little or no doubt that the reason behind its progress is its working population. Today, people are so busy progressing in their careers and working for making this world a better place that they have set back their utmost priority which is health. They have no time to look after themselves and by any means inculcate fitness into their busy schedules.

Globally more than 1.4 billion adults are at risk of diseases from not doing enough physical activity.

According to the latest study released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), 34% of Indians including 24.7% male and 43.9% females are not active enough to stay healthy. It noted that, globally more than 1.4 billion adults are at risk of diseases from not doing enough physical activity. Insufficient activity puts people at greater risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, dementia, and some cancers. Around 1 in 3 women (32%) and 1 in 4 men (23%) worldwide are not reaching the recommended levels of physical activity- to stay healthy — that is, at least 150 minutes of physical activity of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of physical activity of vigorous intensity per week.

Pause. Exercise. Work. Repeat.

It is very well known that exercising, sleeping and healthy eating should be on top of your priority list. When you exercise regularly, you’re more positive, energetic, productive and creative. All this leads to making you a more effective entrepreneur who can generate more revenue and create a bigger impact in the world. Here are few tips that you could use in your daily working life to bring back physical workout in your lives:

  • Cycle your way to work. Cycling is considered one of the best physical workouts of all time. By cycling to work you are not only improving your health but is also saving a lot of money which was otherwise spent on petrol or cab charges. Moreover, the value you are adding to the environment by going vehicle friendly is laudable.

  • Substitute fast healthy recipes over convenience food. A busy lifestyle often leads to consuming convenience foods, which is unhealthy. Learn new easy to make or 10 minutes recipes like Gourmet salads, veggie burritos and turkey steak that are healthy to have and can be whipped up in 10 minutes flat. It will keep you away from unhealthy and will bring you one step closer to healthy.
  • Aim to take out 30 minutes to exercise daily. Just like you aim for other daily goals and devote time to achieve them, make exercising your another goal and prioritize it in such a way that it is achieved by the end of every day.

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