Reasons why SEO will give you the best leads in 2019

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free” or “organic” search results on search engines. Its main purpose is to bring the company’s website to the front page, and preferably become the first link. Page Rank depends on SEO; therefore, the company should focus on articles with relative content and proper keyword density.

Search Engine Marketing comprises of two very important aspects- SEO and Paid Marketing. However, there is a very distinct difference between the two and have different ways of serving your website’s needs both for quick and long term results. The 2019 online marketing scenarios are expected to be much different than what they were last year.

Paid Digital Marketing or SEO: What gives you better value?

While paid promotions are strong in term of speed and extensiveness, organic results are eight times more likely to be clicked on than paid search results. Most of the online population has trained itself to ignore ‘paid results’ entirely. Paid marketing has results that last only as long as you pay. Long term usage of paid marketing requires sizeable budgets to let it span for years. Once a brand stops its paid advertising, all it has is its organic search results, which come from SEO.

SEO takes time to give you an outcome, since it steadily builds your brand networks and name. But by optimising your online content with the help of keywords, graphics etc, you can create a solid organic presence, which is always great for long term superiority. Plus, SEO is cheaper, if not free.

SEO in 2019: How is it better?

Organic and Long term results: Organic search is the primary source of all website traffic. Though time consuming, organic search visitors are more likely to trust you in terms of your product and services. If utilised correctly, SEO helps you build a more reputable profile online. Plus, it is very critical for your brand’s day-to-day web presence. You won’t rank #1 overnight, but SEO is more affordable and its long term benefits are proven. Long term marketing should be search engine optimised since it brings you better quality traffic leads. In a time when there are so many fraudulent websites, it takes time for a genuine one to build its reputation and gain the trust of users.


Can be used on multiple media platforms: The concept of SEO is not just limited to search engines anymore. By utilising SEO strategies you can optimise your business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. Backlinks through social media profiles improve your page ranking. A user will always prefer visiting a business’ social media profile first, since it’s more personal, and then move onto the official website. Your influence on social media defines your brand authority. This means that the more genuine visitors your social media profile gets, the more visitors your websites will get. In terms of video content, clubbing your video material with written content, combined with the right keywords, will improve your search engine ranking. Having a good influence on sites like Youtube, LinkedIn, AppStore/Google Play, Amazon or Instagram is good, since social media platforms behave like search engines in their own sense.

Utilises voice search: The biggest trend in ‘search online’ in 2019 is likely to be voice search. Anyone with a smartphone now is only seconds away from performing a voice search. Voice searches performed in Google are up by 35 times since 2008. Currently, 20% of all searches on mobile are voice searches. Knowing this, SEO’s are starting to optimise some of their content for voice search. By using conversational keywords, and optimising local voice search, SEO improves your page ranking.  In fact, voice searches tend to pick FAQ pages for answers the most. Therefore, it is best to have a question in your content (with its answer), since maximum voice searches are in the form of questions.

SEO with comprehensive In-depth content: Earlier, Google would analyse your page’s HTML to see how many times you used a specific keyword. The Google Spiderbot would visit your page to check if your keywords show up in your title tag, URL, image ALT text, description tag and H1 tag. But now, instead of only counting keywords in content, they focus on context of the page as well. Content with context basically means informative written work on the topic. Since Google’s job is to provide it’s users with the best results, it will analyse your web page’s content very carefully. In-depth content with keywords incorporated appropriately, in the right density, is sure to rank higher than content which is keyword-stuffed gibberish.

In order to succeed in an online campaign, your business should put focus on SEO for long term results. With a complete understanding of this platform, a company can take advantage of the numerous strategies available and expand its online presence.

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