Why Employee Satisfaction should be a top-notch priority of every company?

A happy and satisfied employee is way more productive than an unsatisfied employee. Most companies today lack focus on Employee Satisfaction which setbacks and hampers growth of the organization. Hence Employee Satisfaction should be on every company’s priority list.

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Increasing a person’s salary may make an undesirable task more bearable, but it doesn’t necessarily make it more enjoyable. The more employees feel appreciated for their efforts, the more they will get motivated and committed towards the organisation. They feel their presence and importance in the Company which ultimately affects the overall satisfaction level of the employees. A study reveals that 80% of employees would work more hours to work for a more empathetic employer.

Is gender bias prevalent in IT sector?

For every female engineer, there were three male engineers in the IT industry which supports the stance that STEM jobs attract less women. Gender bias also affects women’s performance and confidence. Most of them feel their opinion is not valued. Because of this skewed male female ratio there are chances of females getting harassed at the workspace. This fear of harassment further set them back for taking a step towards tech industry. This unease among women employees restricts the tech industry to realise the full potential of women workforce and grow as a leading industry.

Tech Industry must soon realise and adopt the objective of achieving gender diversity. Encouraging more positive role models for women across all functions in the tech industry is the demand of the situation. The gender imbalance is an opportunity for businesses to build a more inclusive corporate culture and drive business growth by encouraging diversity and innovation. There is a need to address the negative perceptions of a male-dominated workplace and have gender-equal HR policies and benefits packages to better recruit and retain their female talent.

Tips to boost employee satisfaction and staff retention

  • Communicate: Communication is a key in building any relationship. It is necessary to communicate to the employees to understand their needs and problems. It inculcates the feeling of getting heard in employees which empowers them to raise their opinions confidently and hence feeling valued. It will automatically boost their productivity and the organisation will see the results soon.

  • Peer Recognition and Rewards: Appreciating the efforts of an employee amongst their peers not only motivates them alone but also serves as a motivator for other employees to put more efforts to get in their place. So as rewarding an employee serves as an incentive for them and others to be more productive and efficient.
  • Friendly Environment: It becomes more comfortable for a employee to work where he feels accepted by other employees. A friendly workspace is something that can keep an employee intact and working. A study suggests that employees prefer to work where they feel comfortable and accepted by their co-workers instead where they are not.

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